Les autorités azéries ont fait détruire au buldozer le cimetière arménien de Djugha, mentionné déjà au Vè siècle par l'historien Moïse de Khorène.

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Arminfo - 13 Feb 2003

Armenia's intelligentsia considers an act of vandalism the destruction of the Armenian cementery in Jugai in the Azeri exclave of Nakhichevan.

According to the participants of today's discussion of this incident, the cemetery was mentioned as early as 5th century by the great
Armenian historian Moses Khronatsi. In 1998 there were almost 2,700 cross-stones there, but it has been gradually destroyed since then. In 1998 member of the office of the Architecture of Armenian organization in Iran Arpiar Petrossyan saw and shot bulldozers destroying the cemetery. Last Dec Armenia's intellectuals urged international organizations top prevent this barbarism. But it was too late already.

In response to indignant statements by the Armenian intellectual and officials, Azeri FM Vilayat Guliev said that the cemetery was a
monument of Albanian rather than Armenian culture (meaning ancient tribes of Albanians living on the territory of present-day Azerbaijan and proclaimed by the Azeris to be their ancestors).

Meanwhile, representative of the Architecture of Armenia organization Samvel Karapetyan argues that the cemetery is Armenian. He refutes the numerous publications by Azeri scientists, particularly, the "Medieval Architecture of Azerbaijan" by David Akhundov. Karapetyan says that failing to prove the Albanian origin of the cemetery, the Azeri authorities decided to use bulldozers. Even assuming that the monument is Albanian, its destruction proves that Azeri society is far from being civilized as no civilized country destroys its own monuments.

The Armenian intellectuals decided to set up a special council to seek Jugai's recognition as an international historical monuments and the nearby areas as a neutral zone. They urged all the Armenians concerned for preserving the historical monuments of Armenian culture to unite and to make answerable those who committed this blasphemous act.

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