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Turkey spends over 1 billion on anti-Genocide propaganda

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Turkey Unleashes a Fierce War Against Genocide Recognition

Ankara is taking all measures against Genocide recognition. In the given situation the Jewish lobby, which enjoys rather heavy weight in the USA, also has its significant role in the matter. Besides political and military-strategic factors there are also financial factors, which sometimes work even more efficiently in the USA than the others.

For instance, because of the probable adoption of the Resolution N 106 the military-industrial complex of the USA, which by the way is the initiator of the Iraqi War, will lose about $15 billion.

This is the sum the USA hopes to sell Turkey the armament for, to be used in "re-equipment of the army and struggle against the Kurdish radicals in the north of Iraq." Nobody knows how much the closing of "Incirlik" will cost, but this is already the political aspect of the issue.

The Turks themselves do not regret any money which can somehow support the denial of the Armenian Genocide. According to some sources Turkey spends $1 billion per year on anti-Genocide propaganda. Only $10 million per year is spent on the USA and Canada. It's obvious that this is the money spent officially, one may only guess the sum of the money spent unofficially, and the matter is not in bribery only, which is considered a penal act in the USA.

Everything is much easier; Turkey buys armament, although it might be bought from other countries too, for instance Russia, or France, though after the law on the denial of the Armenian Genocide was adopted there, it will be rather difficult for Turkey itself to get armament in France.

During the latest meeting of the diplomatic officials, accredited in different countries, Turkey's Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah Gyul warned the Ambassadors that in case the Resolution is passed in the USA or in other countries, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs will consider that the Ambassadors weren't able to accomplish their mission. In the ceremony to the memory of the death of the Turkish diplomats abroad, Gyul once again announced that they had become "victims of the Armenian terrorists." However, the case with "the Armenian terrorism" doesn't work out any more. The whole world already knows that the assassinations of the Turkish diplomats pursued one main aim only, which was achieved -- the world learned about the 1st Genocide of the XX century.

Turkey is not alone in the denial of the recognition of the Armenian Genocide and enjoys strong support from Azerbaijan, which realizes very well that it doesn't and in the nearest future will not have any other alley than Turkey.

How far will Turkey go in this matter and whether or not Turkey will be able to prove that there was no Armenian Genocide, is just a matter of time and money. This is at least what Ankara thinks. In fact everything is much more complicated. Modern Turkish Republic itself is the offspring of the Genocide just like the Armenian Diaspora is. According to ARF "Dashnaktsutiun", Ankara is well aware of the fact that if the Armenian, as well as the Greek and Assyrian Genocides are recognized, Turkey will stop existing as a State. Perhaps this is the reason of Ankara's sudden unwillingness to change the 301st Article in the Turkish Criminal Code, which is the only method to keep the Turkish scientists and intellectuals like Taner Akçam and Orhan Pamuk under control.

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