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050919|Turkishpress| Switzerland is baised on Armenian I
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19.09.05 | www.Turkishpress.com

Perincek: Switzerland Is Biased On Armenian Issue
Published: 9/19/2005


LAUSANNE - ''Switzerland accused Turkey of committing genocide without verifying historical facts and in a biased way,'' Labor Party (IP) leader Dogu Perincek said on Sunday.

Perincek took the floor at a conference on the issue of the so-called Armenian genocide in Switzerland, where he arrived to give evidence to Lausanne Prosecutor.

It was learned that prior to his arrival to the hall to address the conference, Swiss Police warned Perincek not to deny the ''so-called'' Armenian genocide. They told Perincek not to speak on so-called Armenian genocide. The police also warned that in case Perincek speaks on Armenian problem and in case this includes an element of crime, this would be added to the ongoing investigation .

In July, Perincek was interrogated as he said that the so-called Armenian genocide had never been happened. Lausanne Prosecutor's Office called on Perincek to come to the office on September 20th, to interrogate him for a second time.

At the conference, Perincek called on Switzerland to make a serious investigation about the Armenian issue. He said it was unjust to declare a nation ''committing genocide'' without thoroughly examining the events that had happened 90 years ago.

Perincek said Turks never committed genocide, on the contrary Armenians --under the command of Russians-- had committed genocide on Turks who were trying to defend their country.

Swiss police covered Perincek's speech and videotaped it to add it to prosecutor's investigation.

Perincek will hold a press conference in Zurich on Tuesday and give his testimony in Lausanne Prosecutor's Office on September 20th.

Perincek earlier had been detained in Winterthur city of Switzerland as he said, ''Armenian genocide is nothing but an international lie'' at a news conference, but he was released after being interrogated.

A legal procedure was also opened in Switzerland against Prof. Dr. Yusuf Halacoglu, the Chairman of the Turkish Historical Society, because of his statement refuting the so-called Armenian genocide allegations.

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