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050516|turksUs|Swiss government enters fray on investigation
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Swiss government enters fray on investigation into Turkish professor


The legal investigation into a speech by President of the Turkish History Foundation, Professor Yusuf Halacoglu, by Swiss prosecutor Andrej Gnehm, has been turned over to diplomatic channels for solution.

Following a speech given by Professor Halacoglu in the Swiss city of Winterthur during May 2004 in which Halacoglu denied the Armenian genocide, Swiss prosecutor Gnehm decided to start an investigation into the professor, calling for him to appear in Switzerland to testify, and even moving to have an international warrant for his arrest published.

Efforts on this front were not in fact successful, and now the Turkish Foreign Ministry has taken charge of the case from Halacoglu's side, saying that there are no plans to have Halacoglu give any sort of testimony in a case which the Foreign Ministry charges is "anathema to human rights and international justice."

Gnehm still hopeful Halacoglu will testify

Despite the entrance of the Swiss and Turkish governments into the case, Swiss prosecutor Gnehm is fervent in his efforts to get Halacoglu to appear in Swiss court. Said Gnehm, "I am waiting from orders from Bern on this matter. Maybe Professor Halacoglu will send a written defense of his words here. But finding a solution through diplomatic channels will take a long time. The best thing would be for Halacoglu to come here himself and testify. The investigation could be closed before we even have to open a case against him."

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