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080724|APA|Dismissal of Halacoglu linked with Armenia
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July 24, 2008 | Azeri Press Agency | Ankara

Hurriyet newspaper: Dismissal of Yusuf Halacoglu is linked with opening new page in the relations with Armenia

” I learned about my dismissal from journalists. I do not know for which reason I have been dismissed. I do not care.

I bore load on my shoulders,” Professor Yusuf Halacoglu, Head of Turkish Historical Society, who was dismissed on July 22, gave an interview to Hurriyet newspaper, APA reports
Halacoglu is on holiday in Bodrum at present. Asked whether the Government’s decision is linked with opening new page in the relations with Armenia or not he answered:
“I have said what I knew every time. I am not such man ran for the post. My best job is erudition. Nobody can misappropriate my job. I will further continue my best job. I have served for the Government for 15 years and they should express gratitude for it,” he said. Halacoglu stated that he did not fall out with the state and Turkish people and stressed that he had served for Turkish people every time and the God and nation knew it.
Hurriyet newspaper stressed that Halacoglu had been dismissed after meeting of Turkish and Armenian diplomats in Switzerland. It is assessed with softness of Turkish policy against Armenia. Halacoglu was known as scientist who rejected Armenians’ claims on so-called genocide and proved it by the help of historical documents.

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