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[E] Armenian Georgian War

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Lessons of the history

In the Armenian chronicle, in a due to numbers of the insufficiently studied problematic questions, concerned to Armenian-Georgian relations. And this gap to a certain degree filled the labor of the candidate of historical sciences, the docent of the department of the political history of the State Engineering University, Vanik Virabyan's "Armenian-Georgian war 1918, the military-political activity of the government of Republic of Armenia and parties".

Including to work the archive materials, which were thus far not known, author thoroughly presented entire spectrum of the complex Armenian-Georgian relations, which were established in 1918, the motion of the two-week war, which flared up between two countries during December 1918, its consequence, the action of the military-political results of war for the overall geopolitical situation in Transcaucasia and, in particular - in Armenia.

Revealed important stages of the activity of government in this difficult and intricate for Armenia period, the position of Armenian parties apropos of this military confrontation and the role of the Armenian armed forces in this very heavy for the Armenian people geopolitical situation.

Giving general characteristic to that period of time, researcher with the aid of the substantiated facts comes to the conclusion that the war, which flared up during December 1918, was the regular consequence of tension and hostility, which was accumulated in Armenian-Georgian relations. Reason became selfish, frequently excessively cynical and insolent relation and actions with respect to neighbor - Armenia. Many facts base conclusion that Georgians were puting special obstacles on the ways of communications, entering Armenia. When hunger mowed people, Georgia was continuing to block the approaches to Armenia. As even the foreign authors noted, the dependence of Armenia on the Georgian roads, on which into Armenia the foodstuffs and petroleum products were entering, became one of the basic reasons for the military conflict. Another reason -territorial claims and encroachment of the Armenian and Armenian populated regions (Lori, Akhalkalaki).

Correctly the observation of V. Virabyan, that in this question Germany separately supported to Georgian government, which recognized the independence of Georgia and patronized it.

Using this patronage and geopolitical position, Georgians with each day became increasingly more aggressively and they produced ultimatum for the government of Armenia - to clean Lori from population. The author of labor presents precise documentary materials about the beginning of Armenian-Georgian war and its further flow.

During two-weeks war Georgian side suffered defeat, however, after conclusion of truce, as this frequently occurred in the fate of Armenian people, his results proved to be not in favor of Armenia. In this matter appeared their insidiousness English diplomatic and military circles. Specifically, with the undisguised support of the last, Georgian side was possible, by the agreement about the armistice, keep Armenian Akhalkalaki (Javakhk). Analyzing the military-political consequences of war, the author of labor comes to the sufficiently interesting conclusions.

According to the author, the war was disastrous for the Armenians living in the boundary regions of Georgia. During the war Georgian authorities organized present hunting in the attitude of Armenians concretely in Tbilisi and on entire Georgia. The subsequently even Georgian authors publicly recognized these facts. During these days in Tbilisi were shut the publishing here Armenian newspapers, and editors were arrested. In Tbilisi were arrested or discharged all policemen. Very neatly and correctly sounds the assertion of one of the contemporaries : "Actually Georgia declared war not to the government of Armenia, but to entire Armenian nation".

Let us note that this valuable labor i
s urgent and important in the aspect of the extraction of useful lessons and conclusions.

By the publication of Armen Karapetyan, candidate of the historical sciences

AZG Daily # 016, 02/03/2004
posted by Hrant.
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