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 PostPosted: Tue Jul 25, 2006 4:40 pm    Post subject: Wanderers Reply with quote Back to top

copyright @ 2006 Brenda Terzian

The desert became a home
For those made homeless
Forced to wander,
wander, and wander

Like a circle has no beginning
The desert has no end
But there many found ending
Those forced to wander and wander

Agony, desperation and fear
That was all was allowed
But all had to keep walking
To wander, wander, and wander

All kept trying their best
For many it wasn’t enough
But the rest had to keep on
To wander and wander

How I thirst for a glass of water
How I hunger for a piece of bread
How I long for peaceful rest
How long must I wander, wander, and wander

How long am I to be in misery
Has the caring world eluded me
The forced march takes a long and winding path
Where will destiny carry us

Dead bodies fall before my feet
Their suffering has ended
They will no longer
Wander and wander

But the merciless keeps ours going on.
Why are we to be punished so
Are we to perish without a trace
Into the trenches of wasteland

We who were so loyal
And always so devoted
We must remain brave
For we have to keep the Faith

For God, for the world,
For Christianity sake
Many with God’s help
Found the strength to carry on

Through death or through life
In the hope of a new day
We continue the journey
To wander, wander and wander.

But the memory of tragedy lingers
Pictures of innocents remain
Ones who were martyred
‘Cause they had Christ faith

Few of us survived
The tortures of adversaries
Living remnants of the past
Destined to tell the truth

That present day generations
Can know ever present dangers
Let never the martyrs
Have died in vane

Let not others be made to die
‘Cause they have faith
Or be forced
To wander, wander, and wander

---by Brenda Terzian ,
actress, screenplay writer, international book author, artist
"Let us all be blessed for remembering the past, that we be not
doomed to relive sad events!"
May the Flame of Armenia, First Christian Nation, Illuminate the world forever more.
-- Brenda Terzian, international author, movie screenplay writer
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