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Doing Business in Armenia: a Commercial Guide

The following document has been prepared by the US & Foreign Commercial Service and US Department of State as part of the BISNIS project and is called "Doing Business in Armenia: A Country Commercial Guide for US Companies". You may read this document online here.


The BISNIS (Business Information Service for the Newly Independent States) is funded by the US Department of Commerce – International Trade Administration and assist U.S. companies via support of business and market development in Eurasia. You may here consult all pages referring to Armenia.


Explore Economies - Information collected by the World Bank

Doing business in Armenia

Overview of each economy’s aggregate ranking and ease of doing business on each of ten topics that comprise the overall ranking. Data is also provided on each country for all 10 topics measured in the database.


Starting a business in Armenia

This table summarizes the procedures and costs associated with setting up a business in Armenia.


Enterprise Surveys: explore Economies

Snapshot of investment climate of individual countries in the Enterprise Surveys. Compares Armenia with other countries, includes data on bureaucracy, corruption, courts and finance.


Information provided by the World Economic Forum (WEF)

Global Competitiveness Report 2005-2006

This annual study is a valuable tool for shaping economic policy and guiding investment decisions. It is one of the leading monitors of the competitive condition of economies worldwide.


Produced in collaboration with leading academics and a global network of 122 Partner Institutes, The Global Competitiveness Report has expanded its geographic coverage over the years and now assesses 117 economies. The report is unique in that the methodology combines publicly available data with survey data that captures the perceptions and observations of business leaders in a given country.


You may download the report here [PDF format].


Global Information Technology Report 2005-2006

The Report uses the Networked Readiness Index (NRI), covering a total of 115 economies in 2005-2006, to measure the degree of preparation of a nation or community to participate in and benefit from ICT developments.


The NRI is composed of three component indexes which assess:

- the environment for ICT offered by a given country or community

- the readiness of the community's key stakeholders - individuals, business and governments

- the usage of ICT among these stakeholders


You may download the report here [PDF format].