Electronics Industry in Armenia

Armenia also offers benefits for electronic companies seeking to more cost effectively serve customers in Europe, while positioning themselves to exploit new and expanding opportunities in Russia and other CIS countries.


Literally at the crossroads of East European, West Asian and Middle East markets, Armenia’s favorable position is further enhanced courtesy of tariff free access to CIS markets.


The electronics industry of Armenia is one of the most attractive areas for investment for the following reasons:


- Broad range of specialists in electronics

- Scientific research institutes

- Educational institutions offering specialist training

- Cost effective labor force

- Good educational framework

- Existence of efficient production facilities

- Relationships with scientific institutions in CIS countries

- Availability of Greenfield locations


Being a traditionally advanced sector in the Armenian economy, the electronics industry produces a full range of sub-components including active, passive, electromechanical, and electronic assembly.


For more information, see the publication “Electronics Industry in Armenia” prepared by the Armenian Development Agency [PDF format].