IT Industry in Armenia

Armenia can satisfy the needs of IT companies seeking access to a highly qualified talent pool of IT specialists at very cost effective rates.


Armenia's competitive strengths in the software and IT services sector are based on a unique 50 year tradition of multi-generational IT skills. The highly qualified workforce is based on a traditionally strong educational system plus important research institutions. Armenia was the leading center of computing technologies and regarded as the Silicon Valley of the Former Soviet Union (FSU). At its peak in the early 1990's, the Armenian IT / electronics sector supplied almost 30% of the computer-related equipment for the Soviet defense and space industries.


Today, the Armenian software and IT services sector is one of the most successful and fastest growing industries in Armenia with a contribution to GDP comparable to countries such as Germany and India.


The Government of Armenia has proclaimed IT as one of its priority sectors and assists in stimulating its development.


For more information, see the publication “IT Sector in Armenia” prepared by the Armenian Development Agency [PDF format].