Laws of Armenia - online

- The legislation presented in the links below are not official translations of laws of the Republic of Armenia, even though copies were obtained from official websites. In certain cases, as with all websites providing reference information, the legislation shown may not contain the most recent amendments to laws adopted by the National Assembly of Armenia during the latest period.


- Final official versions of Armenian legislation may be accessed online from the Armenian Laws website or its mirror the ARLIS website.


- The Armenian Legal Information System (ARLIS) database has been created under the WB financed Judicial Reform Project. ARLIS is a full search engine containing all effective and non-effective Armenian legal enactments in the Armenian language (laws, National Assembly decisions, governmental and presidential decrees, PM, ministerial and state institution orders, decisions, etc.). The database is a product of "Official Bulletin" JSC. In addition to the online database, a CD subscription can be ordered for the database. CDs are updated and delivered on a monthly basis. The subscription price is AMD 2’000 per CD (AMD 24’000 annually for 12 CDs). It is anticipated the database will also provide official translations of Armenian legislation in the near future.


Trade & Financial Regulations: other sources

Other important sources of Armenian legislation are:


a. – Official website of the National Assembly of Armenia. Gives access to a large number of existing law texts as well as draft laws, which are presented for consideration by the National Assembly either in Armenian or in English (Armenian language database is more comprehensive than English language database).


b. – Official website of the Government of Armenia provides texts and press-releases on recent decrees approved by the Government either in Armenian or in English (Armenian language database is more comprehensive than English language database).


c. - Official website of the Central Bank of Armenia. Comprehensively presents legal and regulatory framework that governs financial institutions in Armenia in either Armenian or English.


d. - Another database on Armenian legislation. The website is also in English. However, the laws are only available on CD and in Armenian.