Governmental bodies : The President of the Republic of Armenia [E|A|R] : The Government of the Republic of Armenia [E|A|R] : The Parliament of the Republic of Armenia [E|A|R] : The Ministry of State Property Management - Investment opportunities: the Government of Armenia embarked on an ambitious program of privatization to encourage the creation of a viable private sector [E|A|R]

Governmental organisations related to business : Armenian Development Agency - Very large website with essential information. Use site map for navigation [E|A] : Armenian Customs service [E|A|R] : Central Bank of Armenia [E|A] : National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia - Rich catalogue of up-to-date surveys on Demography, Finance, Transportation, Health and Poverty [E|A|R]

Armenian Business, Trade and Economy - Directories : Armenian Development Gateway - Internet resources and news on Armenia : Yellow Pages and Business directory : Virtual Agricultural Wholesale Market - trade offers of agricultural products in Armenia, free services : Armenian High-Tech Portal, News and Analysis related to the Armenian technology sector; Business opportunities, tenders and requests for proposals; Database of Armenian technology companies; Success stories of Armenian technology companies and entrepreneurs; E-learning, on-line training and skills development : Armenian Apparel and Textile Industry Business Information Center : Legal business consulting services in Armenia : Association for Foreign Investment & Cooperation (AFIC) : Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE) Products and Services include, Trade Show coordination in Armenia and abroad, Periodic economic statistics in IT business, Marketing and Sales Training, Lobbying power through members, Assistance for product sales, Discounts for trade show participation,etc : Delovoy Express - a Russian language business weekly in Armenia : Economic Development and Research Center is a non-profit and politically unaffiliated organization established in 2001 in Yerevan, Armenia. It is dedicated to addressing the economic and social challenges that Armenia faces. : Professional services company, providing management and legal consulting, audit and tax consulting, as well as investment banking services : BSC provides consulting and information services, training courses to small and medium enterprises in Armenia : Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises & German Desk : Armenian European policy and legal advice center : A company advising big investors, local companies, governmental agencies and public organizations : Arlex International Ltd. is a boutique law firm based in Yerevan, Armenia, specializing in complex international transactions, dispute resolution and public interest work.

Banking and Financial Institutions : Central Bank of Armenia [E|A] : Armenian Development Bank : Agricultural Cooperative Bank of Armenia : Armenian Stock Exchange
ALTIF : Armenian Long Term Industrial Fund. A $30 million fund, provides long term industrial credit facilities to Armenian industrial companies. Apply for a loan online.

Diaspora Business Resources : Armenian American Chamber of Commerce, a non-profit federation of businesses and professionals : A Portal of Armenian resources including business and entertainment categories : Armenian Directory Yellow Pages : Directory of Armenian businesses and professionals worldwide : Largest website on Armenia-Diaspora topics and resources : The Forum of Armenian Associations of Europe : The Canadian-Armenian Business Council of Ontario : Armenian Jewelers Association, East Cost USA

Traveling to Armenia : One of the best resources in Internet about travel in Armenia : Another very good website about travel

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