To Support Legal Action Against Deniers of the Armenian Genocide


A wave of Turkish denials and distortions of the facts of the Armenian Genocide has hit Switzerland in recent months. Those odious assaults on the dignity of the victims of the Genocide are especially perturbing, particularly since large segments of the Swiss population joined, in April of this year, in the commemoration of the 90th anniversary of this crime against humanity. One of the main objectives of the Switzerland-Armenia Association has always been countering such violations of the laws against racism.


During the course of this year, legal proceedings have been initiated against Dogu Perincek, the President of the Turkish Workers’ Party, and Yusuf Halacoglu, the President of the Turkish Historical Society, for publicly denying the Armenian Genocide during their presence in Switzerland. In both instances, the SAA remained in constant contact with the judicial authorities. Furthermore, the SAA secured the professional services of a legal expert and transmitted to the appropriate authorities the corresponding material facts.


Equally unacceptable was the insertion of a DVD in the June 6, 2005, issue of the European Edition of TIME magazine, under the guise of a promotional ad on tourism in Turkey. In reality, the DVD turned out to be a piece of denialist propaganda. Produced by the Ankara Chamber of Commerce, this 70-minute long DVD viciously denies the Armenian Genocide. The SAA, in this case too, is consulting an attorney to assess the merits of various legal options.


The SAA, with a membership of less than 200 members, has a very limited budget. These legal initiatives considerably exceed the financial means of our organization. These expenditures cannot be covered without the support of generous contributors.


We appeal to your aid in the struggle to stand against those who deny the Armenian Genocide.


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Our webpages carry regular updates on all of the above-mentioned cases. You may want to check the following pages:

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